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Volunteer Firemen Department Mali Bukovec was established in 1887. with incetivity of earl Dioniz Draskovic. The founders were: Jakob Stern - trader from Mali Bukovec (he was also first president of Mali Bukovec' Volunteer Firemen Department - DVD Mali Bukovec), the clerk was tavern owner Mato Peten, the commander Imbro Golec - Bertinic, the treasurer was Mijo Habek - Miskec; the other members were: Franjo Kuzmic, Antun Pisaric, Alojz Majz and Stjepan Jakopcin. In the very short period after the foudation of VFD Mali Bukovec the number of members increased up to 20. But for fight with fire good will was not enough. They needed adequate equipment to practice their duty. In 1890. earl Dioniz Draskovic donated manual squirt.

They interceded and sacrificed very much, and in 1912. our emigrants in the USA donated first flag.At the beginning of the World War I the number of members was attenuating, because conscripts were on the battlefields wide Europe. In these days only the older members were the formation of VFD Mali Bukovec. During the war they were keeping their equipment in private houses. When the war finished they needed their own building where they could keep their equipment and maintain meetings for all members.

They started to build their warehouse in 1930. and finished it in 1931. The citizens of Mali Bukovec collected the biggest part of needed resources. VFD Mali Bukovec was always seeking for modernization and better efficiency, so they bought water aggregate in 1938., and it's still perfectly operating. At that time the president was Stjepan Salamon. With the beginning of the World War II VFD Mali Bukovec was in the hardest season since foundation. Almost 2/3 of members were on the battlefields, and even worse was that lots of equipment was stolen. During the war VFD Mali Bukovec donateed 30 uniforms to the followers of the antifascism activity.

After the war they needed new members and resources to renovate equipment to the same level as it was before the war. They accepted few new members, bought new car and new uniforms. In 1956. VFD Mali Bukovec received new flag as the gift from civil organizations of Mali Bukovec. Filip Potocnik was the new president after Stjepan Salamon, and the new commander was Josip Martinkovic. When Filip Potocnik died Josip Martinkovic was elected to be new president of VFD Mali Bukovec. He was uncircutious personality in this whole story. He was the president for many years, we can say untill his death. He was the agitator of many firemen commuinities in this part of Podravina. The need for modernization was boosted during the years.

In 1968. they are buying first especiall vehicle, and the new aggregate "CIGLER" which is still in use. In 1971. they are buying second vehicle. During all this years older firemen are working on rejuvenation of VFD Mali Bukovec, and all members are in good shape and always ready to extinct the fire very fast and efficient. We must mention that among 1975. and 1985. our firemen were one of the best prepared operative unit in Podravina and wider.

VFD Mali Bukovec celebrated 100th anniversary in 1987., and one year after they bought new especiall vehicle. During the war in Croatia our communitiy gave their share to motherland. Even in those hard times they didn't forget young members and they were working with them very hard.

Last year they celebrated 110th anniversary of VFD Mali Bukovec, and they also made the biggest investment - they bought new auto-cistern. The biggest share gave Mali Bukovec county and the citizens of Mali Bukovec and our emigrants.

Today VFD Mali Bukovec has got 58 active members and 267 footing members. Until today they won more than 80 practice competitions. Lots of care is consecrated to young members who must continue with hard work and enhance our VFD Mali Bukovec even more.