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LIMENA GLAZBA "HABEKI" (Brass orchestra)


One of the most famous self-learned brass bands in ex-Yugoslavia. Established in 1922. by a forger Karlo Ivanek - Karchy in Mali Bukovec. The first members were: Miklosic Dragutin, Sartaj Ivan, Ipsa Antun, Cukec Ivan, Katana Ivan, Tkalec Antun, and the last but not least Habek Milan (since 1934.)



After the World War II (1945.) young and talented Milan Habek was the new leader of the band. He gave the band a new name (by his surname) "HABEKI". The band was probably the most succesful between 1945. and 1995. In this period the members were: Milan Habek, Kruselj Franjo, Triplat Tomo, Tkalec Antun, Tkalec Franjo, Tkalec Josip, Mlinaric Josip, Grginic Franjo, Habek Stjepan (Milan's son - died in 1994), and Povijac Franjo. In 1972. "HABEKI" are recording their first album in "JUGOTON" with their own four compositions: "Divna si Podravino" ("The Beautiful Podravina), "Bukovecka Polka" (Bukovec's Polka), "Pod mojim prozorom" ("Under My Window), "Planinarska polka" (Climber's Polka).


Their highest result has been achieved in 1966. by playing in Petrovaradin near Novi Sad in Vojvodina (which is an autonomic province in junction with Serbia). That was the 250th anniversary of the salvation from Turkey. That occasion was also very useful for famous movie director Krsto Papic for making the documentary movie "Nek se cuje i nas glas" (in free translation "Let them hear our voice too").