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Mali Bukovec( Mali = small ) is located in Republic of Croatia approximately 100 km from Zagreb in Podravina region on very frequent road between city of Ludbreg ( 10 km ) which is also known as the "CENTRE OF THE WORLD" also known as CRAZY HILL, and city of Koprivnica (20 km, city of the European champions in female handball "PODRAVKA").

The Mali Bukovec district contains a few villages which are settled all around. Probably the biggest one is Sveti Petar (Saint Peter) with their famous caffe bar Lav (Lion). The other villages are Novo Selo ( New Village), Zupanec, Lunkovec and the smallest Martinic.

As all the smaller places Mali Bukovec has got several streets and squares which are developing street networks.

Trough our city flows Bednja River, and about 1 km away from the centre is mouth of Bednja River into Drava River. Plitvica River is also near our place. Plitvica's mouth into Drava is 1 km upper than mouth of Bednja . So we can say that Mali Bukovec is a place on three rivers.

Population is pretty low (cca. 1000 inhabitans), but "just married" couples are working on that problem.

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