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( "Under the PLUM tree" )

What can we say about "SLIVA" ( "PLUM" ) ? The most famous tree (place) in Mali Bukovec. Few meters away flows Bednja river and on the other side of the road is the Dasha's shop. "POD SLIVOM" you can meet all sorts of people (young and old, rich and poor - it doesn't matter).



They are gathering there from cca. 9 o'clock in the morning and untill the late evening hours ( sometimes even morning). Th ere you can hear the latest news about what's goin' on in the city and suburbs (villages), you can play cards, sing or just drink your beer or soda in peace. Near "SLIVA" is the banner "DRAVSKA" (Dravska is the name of the street) which is written on the national armour (they made it from the soil and small stones).

They also have their statue on their square in Dravska street.The statue is a Mexican holding the bottle (very similar to the cowboy in Las Vegas (they probably copied our idea)).